Banana Almond Milk

Nut milks are a great alternative to dairy milk and have risen in popularity in the past decade. For those looking for a vegan and lactose-free option to dairy milk, almond milk is a great choice! There are many different types of plant based milks to make at home, including Oat, Rice, and Fruit Milks. Here is a new recipe my partner and I tried after receiving a surplus of bananas!

I though that I liked almond milk based off of the store bought milk, but wow! There is nothing that compares to home made nut milks! Like many prepacked goods, store bought almond milk has additives and preservatives. Making this from scratch keeps the integrity of the ingredients! Not only Did we yield enough milk for the two of us for a few days, I used the left over almond meal to make a yummy cracker! Check out the recipe for Banana Chia Almond Meal Crackers here!

I will be frank though; this is not the most budget friendly option. I calculated that to make 1 gallon of this homemade almond milk it was roughly $15 usd. It was a fun evening laughing with my partner while we tried a new healthy recipe, and that is priceless!

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Banana Almond Milk

What you need:

1 1/2 cup almonds

3 Dates, pitted, Optional for added sweetness

1/2 tbsp vanilla

1 pinch of salt

6 cups water

2 bananas

1 Nut Milk Bag or cheese cloth to strain through

Mason Jars or general Containers to put it in! I had recycled jars from sauces and teas

The Steps:

To begin, you need to soak the almonds in water overnight. A time saving alternative is to boil the almonds for about 2 hours or until they are soft.

When the almonds are ready, add them to a blender along with 3 cups of water. Blend this to a pulp! It is a little easier to start to blend the almonds with half of the water and add more as you go. Blend thoroughly. I have pitted dates, so I had to cut them in halves to remove the seeds. Add 3 more cups of water, vanilla, salt, bananas and dates. Blend, blend, blend!

This mixture can get foamy and has been known to overflow so watch your liquid levels!

Once this is blended, gather your nut bag, and a bowl. I use a sauce pan for my bowl because it has a pour side making it easier to pour into glasses at the end!

I placed the nut bag spread open in the sauce pan. Pour mixture into the bag. This mixture has a lot of pulp in it so it may drain slowly! Be patient, Take your time and squeeeeeeze.

I do this process until all of the liquid out. You will be left with a meal textured pulp! This is great to use for different baked goods! Check out this blog for a recipe for using this to make Banana Almond Pulp Crackers.

I repeated the straining process 2-3 times depending on your preferences. If you want banana pulp in it don’t strain as many times!

Now it is ready to pour! One day I will invest in a beautiful set of glass milk jars, but for today these recycled sauce jars work! These recycled jars are from various things; tomato sauce, green tea and whatnot. This works well if you do not have larger containers or uniform mason jars.

This is best served chilled.

It is totally natural for the milk to separate over night! This is just the fat from the almonds separating. Give the jars a good shake before enjoying! Homemade almond milk is best served withing 4-5 days of making.

This is an easy recipe to alter! I used this recipe and replaced the bananas with 1 cup of blueberries for a whole new almond milk flavor profile! It was an interesting fresh flavor! I recommend having experimenting with fun combinations!

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Have you tried making milks at home and have a favorite recipe? Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite flavor is!

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Banana Almond Milk
1 1/2 Cup Almonds
3 Dates, pitted optinoal for sweetness
1/2 Tbsp Vanilla, Optional for flavor
1 Pinch of Salt
6 Cups Water
2 Bananas
1 Nut bag or Cheese Cloth
1 Large Mason Jars
Soak almonds overnight or boil for 3 hours so they are soft
Blend almonds with 3 cups water for 2 minutes
Blend for 2 minutes
Add remaining water and additional ingredients to taste
Blend for 2 minutes
Strain liquid through nut bag into a bowl
Squeeze out excess liquid from pulp using bag.
Set pulp aside for further use or discard
Repeat the straining process 1-2 more times depending on taste
Pour into jars to store. Best served cold. Best withing 4-5 days of making. Separation may occur. Shake well before each use


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