Save Lands

Save Lands is a company committed to making environmental changes, one purchase at a time! With each purchase, 12 trees are planted. That is certainly something to shop for!

I am so excited to be a Brand Ambassador for this awesome company! I believe in their business and the changes they are making in the world.

Save Lands has been featured in a variety of media including ABC, CW, and FOX.

Check out Save Lands for fun clothing and accessories that helps the planet!

About Save Lands

An exert taken from their website, Save Lands is committed to making environmental changes

“Count to 2, in that time humans just destroyed an entire football field of forest. 80,000 acres are destroyed everyday. 80% of the worlds forests are already destroyed. Lands was created to help spread awareness and save the place we call home! We are called SAVE LANDS because we don’t just plant a tree. WE PLANT 12 TREES FOR EVERY ITEM SOLD, taking up an entire piece of land! Every item you are saving a piece of land big enough for 12 trees! With lands you aren’t saving just a few trees, together we could save a whole dang forest.

Lands believes in giving back to the earth. We want to fight pollution and make the world a cleaner place for us all. We believe that planting trees is great for fighting air pollution as well as preserving the environment. We hope to spread awareness about land, air, and sea pollution and use our brand to help make a difference.”

I believe that especially now with the loss of so many acres of forest to forest fires along the West Coast, it is more important than ever to protect our environment and work towards a better future!

Custom Print Crew Neck Sweatshirt

I ordered the “Custom Print” Crew neck sweatshirt because I love a good surprise!

I browsed the site and loved pretty much everything I saw so I took a chance. I received my order just the other day and I could not wait to open it!

This beautiful baby pink sweatshirt came out and lit up my spirit! I think the quality of the sweatshirt is great and it is super soft on the inside. The print is very cute and goes right in line with my vibes and values!

I received a cute sticker and certificate of support along with the sweatshirt.

I am a bit of a sticker hoarder so I love adding to my collection! This sticker now adorns my sewing box, along with stickers from some of my favorite local shops from around the country.

I think this is such a fun purchase, especially with cold fronts starting to make their way into the mountains. We are supposed to have SNOW this week. SNOW!

It is definitely time to start putting away summer dresses and start pulling out the sweaters!

Photo by Karolina Ostrzolek on
Photo by Ali Naaz on

It is starting to feel like fall and I AM IN LOVE

Photo by Ylanite Koppens on

Check out Save Lands for fun clothing and accessories that work towards making a difference!

I am a sucker for over sized grandpa sweaters and I am not ashamed to admit it! I would describe my fall aesthetic is as Geriatric Groovin’. What is your favorite Fall go-to?! Leave a comment below!


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