Hey There!

My name is Lindsey and this is my partner in crime and life, Brad.

Brad and I have been together for the better half of a decade. Every day, we continue to grow and explore together. We recently moved to Colorado from Florida with our fur babies. Our husky is named Athena, and she is your typical, energetic pup! The two cats are Leo and Alexander the Great who love to bask in the Colorado sun . One of our favorite activities is to find new parks to hike and backpack with our adventurous Athena. This will be our 3rd state to call home, and is by far the most wild! The previous states, Florida and Georgia, have had their benefits. I mean hello beaches, but exploring the various terrain of the Rocky Mountains has been a new level of rewarding. Despite the elevation sickness early on, and the snowfall in May, Colorado has been very welcoming to us!

My health conscious journey began back in 2014, after many years of battling a “sensitive stomach”. Throughout most of my early life I was an avid meat eater and junk food junkie. I thought bacon was at the top of the food pyramid and I never questioned it! At the same time I also had digestive issues, and the doctors could not figure out why. I felt weak, bloated, insecure, and had to spend too much time planning my meal-to-bathroom distance ratio. It was a confusing and embarrassing journey as a young child without a real grasp of nutrition and dietary needs. Shortly after transitioning to a primarily plant based diet in 2014, I began to notice changes for the better. I no longer felt the uncomfortable digestion or the persistent bloating shortly after eating. I then realized my dietary restrictions were the reason behind the changes and I knew this was the best move I could have made for myself! This was the first step on my path to self-love! I was excited for the possibilities of the future. This has been a long and wonderful journey to a greener and friendly alternative lifestyle!

With the differences seen from my lifestyle change (because I HATE the idea of “diets”) I knew there were a lot more aspects of a greener life to explore including exercise, healthier habits, and green alternatives. This blog will document and explore new ideas, practices and products to help any person along the journey to a greener life!

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