Save Lands

Save Lands is a company committed to making environmental changes, one purchase at a time! With each purchase, 12 trees are planted. That is certainly something to shop for! I am so excited to be a Brand Ambassador for this awesome company! I believe in their business and the changes they are making in theContinue reading “Save Lands”

Grove Co.

Green home cleaning products and reviews I am beyond excited to have received my first Grove Co. order! If you are unfamiliar with Grove Collaborative, it is a marketplace for greener alternatives. Grove has a variety of products ranging from cleaning supplies and pet care, to skin care. It is a monthly subscription based programContinue reading “Grove Co.”

Learning & Trekking

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir I have always had a love and appreciation for Mother Nature, but became an avid hiker about a year ago after moving to the West, trekking beautiful and diverse landscapes. Why Hiking Hiking allows me to feel like I am becomingContinue reading “Learning & Trekking”

Backpacking Gear: An Ongoing Review

This blog is a comprehensive product review of my new-and-used hiking & backpacking gear. As I trek and learn this list will grow with new recommendations for the most effective and comfortable products! Backpack 5.20 Kavu bag *This is great for day hikes! It slings across your shoulder and chest so it distributes weight differentlyContinue reading “Backpacking Gear: An Ongoing Review”

Backpacking in the Colorado: San Juan National Forest

San Juan National Forest, August 2020 Overall Experience San Juan National Forest is in Southwest Colorado. One of the closest larger neighboring cities is Durango, Colorado. It is known for its beautiful mountainous backcountry terrain. I chose this forest because of its well known dispersed camping trails. Colorado wildfires were wreaking havoc in the northwestContinue reading “Backpacking in the Colorado: San Juan National Forest”

Rustic Vegan Banana Pancakes

“Where there is a perfect pancake flip, there is life.”-Mahoatmeal Ghandi The variations and flavor possibilities of breakfast food are endless! You can go savory or sweet, salty or indulgent! Pancakes, bacon, eggs, there is so much to be excited for! Nothing to me says i love you like a warm stack of flapjacks inContinue reading “Rustic Vegan Banana Pancakes”

Banana Almond Pulp Crackers

A new found hobby during quarantine has been discovering different at home milks to make! I have tried a few different kinds, but so far my favorite has been homemade almond milk. Making this in your own kitchen is a fun and delicious way to get tasty unique flavors. I thought that I knew almondContinue reading “Banana Almond Pulp Crackers”

Healing and Hiking

Healing and Hiking is a reflection of my journey through self-identity, from insecure beginnings to vigorous physical feats. As a young girl, I struggled with Body Dismorphia, a mental health disorder where I obsessed over my flaws and saw them as much larger issues. I was a thick child and hated my larger tummy andContinue reading “Healing and Hiking”

Banana Almond Milk

Nut milks are a great alternative to dairy milk and have risen in popularity in the past decade. For those looking for a vegan and lactose-free option to dairy milk, almond milk is a great choice! There are many different types of plant based milks to make at home, including Oat, Rice, and Fruit Milks.Continue reading “Banana Almond Milk”

Quick Rainbow Pickle

Here is a quick and easy recipe for delicious rainbow pickled toppings! I love using extra veggies in my pickle mix. Carrots and onions soak up the flavors well and stay crisp. I am a firm believer that the best plates are the ones with the most color! So rainbow carrots are naturally some ofContinue reading “Quick Rainbow Pickle”