Learning & Trekking

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir I have always had a love and appreciation for Mother Nature, but became an avid hiker about a year ago after moving to the West, trekking beautiful and diverse landscapes. Why Hiking Hiking allows me to feel like I am becomingContinue reading “Learning & Trekking”

Backpacking Gear: An Ongoing Review

This blog is a comprehensive product review of my new-and-used hiking & backpacking gear. As I trek and learn this list will grow with new recommendations for the most effective and comfortable products! Backpack 5.20 Kavu bag *This is great for day hikes! It slings across your shoulder and chest so it distributes weight differentlyContinue reading “Backpacking Gear: An Ongoing Review”

Backpacking in the Colorado: San Juan National Forest

San Juan National Forest, August 2020 Overall Experience San Juan National Forest is in Southwest Colorado. One of the closest larger neighboring cities is Durango, Colorado. It is known for its beautiful mountainous backcountry terrain. I chose this forest because of its well known dispersed camping trails. Colorado wildfires were wreaking havoc in the northwestContinue reading “Backpacking in the Colorado: San Juan National Forest”