Learning & Trekking

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.” John Muir I have always had a love and appreciation for Mother Nature, but became an avid hiker about a year ago after moving to the West, trekking beautiful and diverse landscapes. Why Hiking Hiking allows me to feel like I am becomingContinue reading “Learning & Trekking”

Backpacking Gear: An Ongoing Review

This blog is a comprehensive product review of my new-and-used hiking & backpacking gear. As I trek and learn this list will grow with new recommendations for the most effective and comfortable products! Backpack 5.20 Kavu bag *This is great for day hikes! It slings across your shoulder and chest so it distributes weight differentlyContinue reading “Backpacking Gear: An Ongoing Review”

Healing and Hiking

Healing and Hiking is a reflection of my journey through self-identity, from insecure beginnings to vigorous physical feats. As a young girl, I struggled with Body Dismorphia, a mental health disorder where I obsessed over my flaws and saw them as much larger issues. I was a thick child and hated my larger tummy andContinue reading “Healing and Hiking”